We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that address a range of topics. This resource will prove useful to both new customers seeking information and existing clients seeking clarification.


You have the freedom to terminate your trial or membership at any time by sending an email to support@AdvancedAutoTrades.com. Upon receipt of your email, your account will be promptly canceled, and no additional charges will be incurred. Please note that cancellation requests made on non-business days will be processed on the following business day. If your account is scheduled to renew on a non-business day, kindly ensure that you cancel it on the preceding business day before 5pm (EST). It is the responsibility of the subscriber to be aware of their renewal schedule.

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After we send out a position or adjustment, we immediately receive a fill report with the details of every client. If a client does not get filled, we would get the client manually in or out of the trade.

Yes. We offer free trials to all our strategies.


SPY Weekly Trend you can start with as little as $50 per trade. We recommend to start with a minimum of $2000 in your account to get into all trades.

SPX Monthly Trend: $10.000

The minimum capital required for Weekly Premium is $5.000.

No, it's not mandatory to set up a dedicated brokerage account. However, you must have a margin account for all strategies.

Weekly Premium: It's important to choose the appropriate unit size allocation for the funds you intend to utilize with Weekly Premium. This allocated amount should remain accessible for our team to make necessary adjustments and cannot be allocated to other strategies. Please select your correct unit size allocation here.

You have the flexibility to inject funds promptly and make withdrawals at any time from your personal brokerage account. Your capital remains accessible without any restrictions. Nevertheless, we highly recommend adopting a long-term investor's mindset, characterized by patient capital deployment.

If you possess a brokerage account with Interactive Brokers or Tradier, Global Autotrading will handle the automation process for you. They will receive our signals and execute the trades on your brokerage account automatically.

Certainly. The majority of individual retirement accounts (IRAs) have the capacity to engage in options trading, provided that the appropriate settings are requested. This applies to various types of IRAs, including Traditional, Rollover, Roth, Simple, and SEP IRAs. Most our clients use use Tradier Brokerage to trade their IRA account.

Yes. If you are based outside the United States, you would need to open an account with AutoShares. You do not need an account with Global AutoTrading. AutoShares will execute our positions in your account.

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